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Hivessence and Arkearth have teamed up to save the Monarch Butterflies!  We're proudly offering this 100,000+ seed package of 12 different wildflower varieties to bring beauty, color, AND butterflies to your yard!  This colorful mix of flowers will be a stunning addition to any yard, border, or even plant in contianers and pots for balconies and patios! 

Each and every purchase also goes to helping Arkearth deploy "Pollination Accelerator Projects" into community gardens, urban farms, and other locations to increase plantlife, pollinating species, and help with increasing crop output in food deserts!  The Monarch Butterfly has recently been listed as an Endangered Species and they need our help! 


Help us help pollinators and host your own pitstop for nature's most amazing creatures as they migrate across America!  Our Butterfly Milkweed brings all the pollinators to your yard!  :-D 


Each package include instructions for best planting results (via QR code link) 

Save the Monarch - Wildflower Seed Mix

    • Purple Coneflower
    • Rocket Larkspur
    • Cosmos Sensation
    • Cosmos Bright Lights
    • Indian Blanket
    • Mexican Sunflower
    • Zinnia Liliput
    • Hoary Vervain
    • Siberian Wallflower
    • Smooth Aster
    • Gayfeather
    • Butterfly Milkweed
    • Marigold French Dainty Marietta
  • Growing Instructions

    • Full sun.
    • This mix contains seeds of different sizes. It is recommended to blend the wildflower mix with sand to ensure an even distribution of seed.
    • Prepare grow area and till soil.
    • Broadcast seed mix by hand or with a mechanical seeder. Do not bury seeds. Cover lightly with soil.
    • Check daily and keep soil moist. Do not overwater.
    • Germination for the 13 varieties occurs between 20 - 30 days.

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