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How it all began

The idea for Hivessence was born in the guestroom shower. Yes, the center for creative ideas!  Hivessence was created in the spring of 2020 after its founder, David M Burrows, was laid off as head of marketing for a restaurant software company - all at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Deciding it was time to get back into his previous "startup mode", David wanted to create something that wasn't "just another retail brand", but a concept with a higher purpose - to help save the planet by helping to save the honeybee, bumblebee, butterfly, hummingbird, and other pollinating creatures, which are the cornerstone to the earth's food supply and survival. The idea basically is Burt's Bees + Clinique + GNC + (WWF) World Wide Fund for Nature = #hivessence. 

Starting out with just $2,500 from an almost forgotten cryptocurrency account, Hivessence has spent the last year testing and developing 26 different skincare products, 8 supplement formulas, and 7 healthy food items.


Launched in April 2021, Hivessence is off and running with 80% of sales coming from its ecommerce store and social pages and 20% from special niche grocers, spas, and other speciality, high-end boutiques. 

All of Hivessence's products are formulated with sustainability and your health in mind. Products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and include honeybee products. A portion of all sales go to efforts to save pollinators and include nonprofits, NGOs, and 501(c)3 foundations. Those include: Arista Bee Research, Arkearth, Hives For Heroes, and Healthy Hive Foundation.  

Each time you make a purchase, your shipment will include products you selected along with a personalized note from one our "bees" who are benefitting from you shopping with Hivessence.


Help us make a difference. Look good. Feel good. Do good.

Bee well,  Hivessence 

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Bees at Work
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