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Help Us Launch Arkearth's 'Pollination Accelerator' Projects

This week, our nonprofit foundation, launched a GoFundMe to raise $80,570 to complete filing and legal fees, acquire software, supplies, and set the stage for launching several projects to save bees and other pollinators. Here's what we're announcing in the press. Please join us in supporting this awesome cause!

Introducing the genesis of Arkearth and how you can play a vital part in the movement to save and restore pollinating life that our planet needs to survive and thrive.

Arkearth will be a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation focused on saving bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and other pollinators via our unique pollination accelerator projects. Our projects deploy into community gardens, urban farms, schools, universities, corporate campuses, and youth camps.

Each project is site surveyed for its individual needs and characteristics, including local plant, animal, and insect life, and how we can best help save pollinating species while increasing food output and providing valuable educational content and experiences for students and volunteers.

Our mission is to create a sustainable set of easy-to-manage pollinating eco-systems and track environmental features, including beehives, bat houses, butterfly enclosures, hummingbird feeders, wildflower borders, and highly valuable IoT (Internet of Things) reporting architecture. Our goal is to increase local pollinators' success, food yields, and plant growth.

Studies have shown projects like ours can increase food output by 30 to 60%. In at-risk neighborhoods, we also help to engage more of the residents in those projects, increase property values, and reduce crime rates.

A portion of every sale on goes towards Arkearth but we need your help too!

Arkearth is a massive initiative, and our mission is not small in its scope. However, research supports that achieving the goals set forth in these projects is a doable and scalable environmental and social solution. Beginning at a local level and with the support of donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers, our growth can make a massive, collective impact. Together, not only can we help save the pollinators, but we can help eliminate food deserts and give both nutritional foods and hope to people in local communities that are currently struggling to access resources.

Please give and help us reach our goals this year! EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! :)

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