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Going Beyond the Keto Diet and Moving into a Healthy Eating Lifestyle

By now, we’ve all heard of the Keto Diet or Ketogenic diet, and how it can empower weight management and even help other bodily functions. But let’s look at it objectively, shall we?

Our opinion is that a Keto-focused diet can help a person achieve weight and health goals, but it should not be a long-term plan. Once your desired weight has been reached, you should then focus on an on-going regime of consuming raw vegetables, healthy proteins, fruits, and nuts, along with plenty of water, frequent proper exercise, and appropriate nutritional supplements.

Oh yes and remember, always check with your primary physician before making lifestyle changes. They can guide you and make sure the actions are in your best interest for YOUR own health profile, age, and goals.

Let’s begin! So, you want to Keto? Awesome! We’re here to help! This is the first of many blogs on the topic of Keto under our Hivessence Supplements section and we’ll also be sharing some amazing recipes that are delicious and healthy that will help you in your journey.

When you begin your initial diet, keep in mind that change can be hard, so we humans like to be rewarded with benefits and results rather quickly to measure the lifestyle changes against our goals. Hivessence has formulated a specific supplement to enhance the “ketosis” metabolic state which occurs as your body reacts to less carbohydrates for fuel and switches to burning stored fat for energy.

Ketones are produced to help in converting the energy from fat cells and Hivessence Keto BHB Support enhances that process by supplying the body with additional BHB ketones. We are designed to store fat during times of abundant food supplies (summer and fall), where our bodies can then turn to the fat in less plentiful times of food (winter) to burn for our survival. Unfortunately, our bodies didn’t get the memo that we have food all year long and it’s everywhere.

Here are some techniques used to trigger the keto effect.

Intermittent Fasting – this has become recently popular as the results for most people are effective and happen rather quickly. The basic idea is to have a set cut-off time each day where you stop taking in any calories and only drink water. This fasting cycle is typically broken 12 or more hours later (breakfast) where a nutritious meal (fresh fruits, lean protein, fiber) is consumed.

Cutting out Carbs – years ago, the Akins Diet was all the rage. It promised quick weight loss but at a cost of cutting out other key nutritional items while raising the body’s cholesterol and “bad fat” levels. It also triggered the Keto process, but the health tradeoff was not justified. Anyone using Akins type diet should do so under a physician’s advice and observation.

Exercise – this is the best diet and long-term lifestyle habit we all need to add to our daily activity. Several years ago, an Asian study suggested that 10,000 steps per day were needed to achieve a healthy body insulated from any bad health consequences. That distance, however, equals 5 miles or 8.5 kilometers, and for the average person, is a difficult daily goal. Recent studies have found that half of that distance or 5,000 steps is just as effective. If you can add an average of 10-15 flights each day, then you’re exercise regime is even more golden.

Also, adding some simple weights or resistance to your activity builds stronger bones and muscle. Muscle replacing fat means your body more efficiently burning calories, potentially lowering your blood pressure, AND lowering your resting heart rate – all huge benefits to our overall health. Lastly, at least 20 minutes of SOME type of exercise raises your Dopamine and Serotonin levels while simultaneously reducing Cortisol (the bad hormone).

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