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Get Exfoliated! Introducing Hivessence Oatmeal Spice Soap!

We love getting feedback about our honey-enriched skincare products and especially when you have suggestions that are not just good, they’re great! Several of you have asked for an exfoliating soap and we listened!

This week, we’re adding a brand new blended organic 4 oz bar soap, the Hivessence Oat Spice Exfoliating Soap made with oats and ground cloves to provide a healthy, natural way to get clean skin while leaving you feeling refreshed and smelling wonderful.

We also just added a Honey Pumpkin Spice Soap to our bee-loved product line! Now is the time to order this limited-time, holiday-inspired soap because after Christmas, they will be gone!

Pre-order today and get our Hivessence Wildflower Seed Pack for free to help you spread the bee-love and create some beauty in your garden or potted plants. Also, as always, a portion from every sale goes to our Arkearth Foundation to help save honeybees and other VIPs! (Very Important Pollinators!)

Please keep your feedback and suggestions coming! You’re the reason we’re here!

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