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Check Out These 4 Amazing Benefits of Collagen

Collagen – you’ve heard about it recently and you may be wondering if you should consider taking it on a daily basis. The short answer is, “yes”! Collagen was the first product we added to our new supplement line because of its ability to benefit our bodies in several ways, on the outside AND the inside.

In fact, Hivessence’s Collagen Supplement helps skin, nails, and bone structure. It represents 25-35% of all the proteins in your body! Read on to learn about the four top reasons why a collagen supplement is so very important to not only providing younger looking skin but reinforcing the architecture of our bone structure as we age.

The human skeleton is made up of 206 different bones - all different shapes, sizes, and tasks for each and every one of them. As we age, our bones naturally become less flexible and strong. Over time, bones slowly become more porous and brittle. There are a number of things we can do to dramatically slow this process. Let's see what Collagen can do...

1. Improving Bone Mineral Density – this is known as BMD. Your doctor can measure your current BMD and provide a report which shows how likely you may be to experience problems with osteopenia and osteoarthritis. The lower the numbers on these results relate to how easy your bones can be fractured. Collagen supplements can enhance and increase BMD. Studies have found patients who took collagen daily over 12 months and a significant increase in BMD.

2. Collagen is the Primary Component of Bones – besides calcium, collagen is the main ingredient of building healthy bones – almost 90% to be exact. Collagen supplements with peptides can increase calcium absorption while also improving BMD.

3. Collagen Activates Cartilage Growth – Cartilage is the component of the human body that is a bit of a cross between flexible tissue and rigid bone, it actually connects the two and plays a vital role in all moving function of our bodies. A 24-week study in 2005 with 147 athletes concluded collagen supplements aided in decreasing joint pain and joint deterioration. An additional study found a dietary supplement of hydrolyzed chicken cartilage extract (a component in the Hivessence Collagen supplement), lowered joint pain and recovery time.

4. Collagen Improves Bone Integrity and Helps Prevent Bone Loss – one of the most exciting things about Collagen supplements is the ability to decrease bone loss. Inhibiting bone structure loss happens naturally but can also be accelerated by genetics, lifestyle and disease. Yet another study with postmenopausal women who had some form of osteopenia, took collagen supplements which attenuated the bone loss across the board. Yes, we had to look up “attenuate” and it means, “to reduce the force or the effect” of something.

So, there you have it, 4 compelling reasons to take a collagen supplement – and not just for your beauty and healthy skin, but for your long term health and ability to stay active. More research is currently underway on collagen’s benefits but this may be all you need to add this very important supplement to your daily health regime!

Research references: Better Health Channel – Australian government.

MDPI Basel, Switzerland.

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